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Web of the Scarlet Spider

Ben Reilly
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Height: Same as Peter Parker
Weight: Same as Peter Parker
Eyes: Same as Peter Parker
Hair: Blond
Features: Same as Peter Parker


Ben Reilly is (supposedly) the clone of Peter Parker. He fought Peter once, because both he and Peter believed they were the original Spider-Man. After losing this battle, and now believing himself to be a clone, Ben left New York and traveled the country for five years. Upon learning of Aunt May's health condition, he returned to New York.

Ben put together a new costume to help Peter with the Spider-Man duties, and was dubbed the "Scarlet Spider" by the Daily Bugle.

Powers & Paraphenalia
Strength Level: He has the Proportional Strength of a Spider. He could lift, in a pinch, about 10 tons.
Powers: Spider-Strength, Spider-Agility, Spider-Sense, and the ability to stick to walls.
Equipment: Web-Shooters, Spider-Tracers
Weapons: Impact Webbing, Stingers

((Taken directly from www.spiderfan.org))
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